ball1Soccer Statistics Analytical Tools

The objective of soccer-betbrain is to provide you with a platform of stats tools, and soccer tips that will help you win. But what is winning ? Victorious, successful, triumphant all spring to mind.

In my opinion, winning is anything that makes you better. You need to understand what makes you tick when it comes to betting. Does not matter if you are playing poker, betting on a game, living your life.

You have to control YOU, and the first step to this is knowing yourself !

What buttons do the bookmakers press, to relieve you of your hard earned cash?
What can you do better to control yourself, and learn from mistakes you made previously?
What betting snake pits can you avoid?
How can you bet smarter?

You need knowledge and a little understanding. A bet not taken is one not lost. There is another opportunity just around the corner.

ball1Both teams to Score Betting

If you bet on over or under goals in a match, or both teams to score in a game you need excellent stats. You have to remove as much guess work as possible. Logic dictates that the easiest way to go over 2.5 or 3.5 goals should be when two equal teams, play an open game, scoring and conceding goals.

For under goals betting the opposite should apply. Teams that defend well (clean sheet stats), and struggle to score (goals per game and fail 2 score stats) will be your allies.

The primary soccer-betbrain tool for both teams to score betting is the BTTS heat chart. Choose the number of games you wish to view. Then pick a year, leagues, HT or FT , Home or Away. You get to see 1st half both teams to score (BTTS) numbers, 2nd half BTTS, FT BTTS numbers and BTTS and Win stats. You can order any results column, by clicking the column header. The stats are comprehensive. Your best teams for BTTS betting must be those that have BTTS in both halves, combined with those that don’t have many 0-0 halves of football.

ball1Form Guides and Analysis

Your analysis should start with form analysis. How is a team doing, and what is the quality of the opponents ? Divide form up between home and away form. Home form can be totally different to away form. TIP: It is also hard to win away games, and even the best teams don’t do this often.

TIP: Don’t look to far back in form. How many games are relevant?Perhaps form should be divided into SHORT-TERM and LONG-TERM form. Short term form is form for the last 4 to 6 games (home or away). LONG TERM form is really anything over 10 games.

There are three form guides available on soccer-betbrain.
A form Guide and Goals analysis
A Form Guide and Over/Under goals analysis
A Combined form (Home and Away)

ball1Over/Under Goals

If you a an over or under goal in match bettor, you have to have this Over/Under Goals Heat Chart. A picture paints a thousand words, and an image of who is hot, and who is not will really help your betting.
I would combine the over/under goals heat chart with the form guide and over goals analysis. It will give you an accurate picture of which teams are doing the business, and who to avoid.

ball1Half Time Win Market Betting

These types of bets are not as popular as the normal 1×2 bets, but have strong possibilities to make profits. For me the stats have hidden information. Which teams are consistent by half? By this I mean, which teams have similar 1st half and 2nd half win/draw/loss and goal numbers. Better to be betting on the more consistent teams !

The stats can also be combined with 1st and 2nd half win/goal number stats. You are looking at 45 minute performance, so anything that gives you more information on each half should be used.

ball1Clean Sheets and Fail to Score Stats

Clean sheets are very important for Over and Under goal betting. A team that is defensively strong (Ath Madrid and Man United), that does not have overwhelming firepower (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern), is a great under goal candidate. Normally when a team like this keeps a clean sheet, the game finishes under 2.5 goals.

Fail to score stats can be combined with BTTS stats for more accurate BTTS betting. Fail to score kills a BTTS bet, but a match-up with two teams that have high fail2score numbers, is excellent for NO to BTTS.