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League Comparison Tool

Understand your leagues !

Certain leagues are consistent leaders in different stats. This happens year after year. The Dutch Eredivisie is a high scoring league. French Ligue 1 is low scoring. Don't swim against the tide and go against the leagues characteristics, without a very good reason to do so.

So, do you really wish to be making over 2.5 goal bets on French Ligue 1 games ?
Do you really wish to be making under 2.5 goal bets on Dutch eredivisie games ?

Unless you have ridiculously good evidence to do so, the ANSWER is probably NO !

The Season Start MINEFIELD

The beginning of the season is one of the worst times for betting on games. All your bets are based on last seasons results and ending. There are just too many managerial and personel changes in the big teams today. In addition you are upbeat about the season. Everyone is thinking that their team will do better this season, as compared to last season. But will they ?


Concentrate on the lesser leagues early on

Realise a few things.

  • PSV and Ajax will dominate in Holland.
  • Benfica and Porto will dominate in Portugal.
  • Anderlecht will dominate in Belgium.
  • Celtic will dominate in Scotland.
These leagues don't change that much season on season.

They are really farm-leagues, supplying the top leagues with their best players. They are also very consistent, because playing personel quality does not change massively.

This is very good for betting. Consistent performers year on year are GOLD, especially when the the big leagues are undergoing huge changes. Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, Leicester, Spurs are all going to be radically better or worse than they were last season.

GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO SETTLE AND DON't FALL-IN BETTING WISE, in the early part of the season.

Consistent performers WIN BETS

It matters not if a team is absolute "*&%^!" or brilliant. What matters is consistency !

You need to be looking at stats in two areas. The STATS leaders and the WORST teams by STAT.

The middle of the road, average teams will destroy your bank balance ! Stay away from these average dogs. Find the consistently GOOD or BAD teams early and make money. REALLY BAD is as good as REALLY GOOD. There was plenty to be made betting against Aston Villa last season and they were terrible !

DO your homework early regarding teams that gained promotion, especially in the lesser leagues. Most of the time they will struggle. They will definitely struggle away from home !