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First Half Goals | Exact 1st half Goal numbers
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Under First Half Goal Stats

First half goal stats are probably more important than second half stats. They set the table, and have a larger impact (for a longer period of time), on how the game will proceed.
The most critical first half stat is obvious - GOALS !

1st Half Goals and BTTS

A BTTS bet is betting that both teams score in a game, or (NO) that one team fails to score. Early goals are normally a NO to BTTS bet killer. The exception is when one team is dominant (PSG, Benfica, bayern Munich). If you are looking for under 3.5 goal bets, you need to find teams with low 1st half goal numbers. Combine this with stats that show you similar half performance. ie A team that performs the same in the first and second half. You don't want inconsistent performers. Consistent performance is everything. A team that is consistently poor, will win you as much money as one that is consistently good. Just stay away from Mr. Average !

1st Half Goals over 2.5

The best situation you can have for an Over 2.5 goal bet, is a strong scoring away team, that has a suspect defense. It is far better to have both teams scoring goals. SO a 1-1 situation at 55 minutes is really far better than a 2-0 or 0-2 scoreline. At 1-1 both teams have something to play for. At 2-0 down, the trailing team sometimes gives up, while the leaders just go therough the motions.

Early goals, and early BTTS are big indicators for over goal betting. The converse also applies.

1st Half Score betting

If you like to take bets on first half goals, then these stats are for you. The stats include;
  • 0 or 1 goals in game
  • 2 goals in game
  • 3+ goals in game
  • HT BTTS Stats
  • Under 0.5 | Under 1.5 | Under 2.5 | Under 3.5
Anything that you would like to see here can also be included. If I have the data available I can include it.