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Best Over/Under 2.5 Goals stats

A winning Over 2.5 goal

bet is a bet on a game where more than 2 goals are scored.

An Under 2.5 goal bet is where you bet on 2 or fewer goals being scored in a game.

Strong OVER 2.5 goals teams will ...
Score and concede plenty of goals. A perfect candidate for
over 2.5 goals is Leicester. Not many teams will keep a clean sheet against them,
while their weak defense will concede goals.

So teams with decent scoring numbers, and low clean sheets make good candidates.

The top teams that defend well are not automatically great over 2.5 goal teams.
A perfect example this season of a dangerous team (for your bets) is Man United.
They seem to be struggling for goals, don't concede many,
and will be under 2.5 more often than over (as of 2015-11-08).
Their 8 goals conceded is the best in the EPL. van Gaal has a conservative style
and it is reflected in their goal numbers

4 things that influence over/under 2.5 goals

Away Goals & Clean Sheets

Teams that score away goals and don't keep clean sheets are a good starting point.
Scorelines of 2-1, 1-2 are a lot more common than 3-0 and 0-3 scores.
The game dynamics are also very different when the score is 2-0 or 0-2 versus a
scoreline of 1-1. At 1-1 there is everything to play for.
At 0-2 or 2-0, the leading team can sit on their lead which can blow your over bet out of the water.

1st Half Goals

Games that have high 1st half goal numbers,
are more likely to finish

over 2.5 goals

Games where both teams score in the 1st half
are also more likely to finish over 2.5 goals.

Use the BTTS tool with this tool for accurate over/under
betting analysis.

Form over 10-15 Home or Away Games

If you analyse a teams home or away performance over 10-15 games or so, you also get
an idea of how they play. Do they setup open and try and outscore their
opponents, or do they win games 1-0 ?

The long term form confirms a playing style, while the short term form
gives you clear indications of what's happening now.

Look at under 3.5 goal bets

While these bets are not priced very high, there are profits to be made by taking
the under 3.5 goal bet. If you feel the under 2.5 goal bet is a good one,
the under 3.5 goal bet gives you one extra goal to play with.

Back your bets with strong Stats !

This toolkit will help you find the best teams, quickly and easily, across all the leagues.

It's a MUST HAVE if you are betting the OVER/UNDER market