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Combined Form Guide
FREE for ('Portugal Primeira','Turkey Supa')

Home and Away Form Guide

This form guide combines Home and away form. You can select the league you wish, and the number of games you wish to see form for. The BIG question is really...
"How many games are relevant ?"

If you go too far back, the results mean less and less. For me the stats for last 6 games played (both home and away) make an interesting read. There is plenty of information to gather.

A mixture of home and away form shows you general team strength.

Most teams have defining patterns between Home and Away form. ie. Their home form is very different to away form. When a team is scoring away goals, it is a strong indicator of goal scoring power. Of course you need to take the opponent into consideration. Goals against a weak opponent do not hold as much value as the same goal numbers against a tough team.

The form guide shows you the opponent, as well as the HT & FT scores. Just rollover the scorelines for the match summary and details. The stats include Played, Won, Drawn, Lost, Goals stats, Win 2 NIL, and Over Goals stats.

Not all form is the same !

A 'W" is important but ... against who and what score ?
Was it a real beating or a fluke ?
Was the game over by HT with a 3-0 scorline ?

These whitewash games ( read Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG) are actually very important. When a game is won by half-time, the second half becomes a run-around training exercise. There is no MATCH-STRESS.
This match stress is what makes the English Premier league so tough.

Match stress is when the game is close, and both sides are chasing the game. It creates more pressure on the players, and is mentally and physically draining. Any defensive mistake could cost your side the game. Any missed goal scoring opportunity could be vital !

So you need to read between the lines when looking at the stats. There is important information in the details.

Find the form teams

Football is a funny game. A team can be on a run that is unreal, and for no reason, they slump and lose their way. Form and momentum is constantly shifting throughout the season.

IT IS VITAL that you identify the HOT and COLD teams QUICKER than the BOOKMAKERS

You do this before the bookmakers do it, and you make money !

Who are the hottest and coldest teams ?
Which teams are smashing opponents ?
Which teams are struggling ?
Which teams are finding momentum ?
Which teams are scoring away goals ?

This form guide is a fantastic stats toolkit. It WILL HELP YOU WIN MORE ! These stats can also be combined with the following stats to give you a complete picture of whats happening

Both teams to Score Stats

Over Under 1.5 to 4.5 Goal Heat Chart

1st and 2nd Half Stats