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Win Market Statistics

Nearly all the bookmakers offer WIN bets.

Win First Half
Win Second Half
Win Both Halves
Win Either Half

The bets are exactly what is stated. Obviously it is easier for a team to win 'either' half rather than 'both' halves. A more interesting bet is the win 1st half or win second half bet.

Win 1st Half

Some teams are really good in the first half of games. When Klopp managed Dortmund, they blew opponents off the park with really fast starts. This is something that I expect from Liverpool in the upcoming season.

The 'LIVERPOOL' win 1st half bet will be profitable in 2016-2017.

Win 2nd Half

Dominating teams (Bayern, Man City, Arsenal) wear their opponents down in the 1st 60 minutes of a game. It is harder to chase the ball, and defend. After an hour, these teams start to dominate. They normally win a much higher percentage of second half games (compared to first half).

Win Both

Score 1st | Score 2nd | Score Both

In 2nd half home games, Arsenal (yes Arsenal) have scored the fewest 2nd half goals of any team, at home in the league. They have just 3 second half goals in 6 home games. This tool is great for analysing which teams perform in different categories. The data can be selected for all leagues within a season. It throws out some interesting stats that can give you a betting edge. You would like to make bets that are backed up by strong statistics.

Win either Half stats

Bookmakers offer a bet on a team winning either half of a game. These stats show you just that ...

More 2nd half than 1st half goals

Bookmakers offer a bet on a game having more 2nd half than 1st half goals. They also let you bet on games having more 1st half than 2nd half goals. Most teams have more 2nd half goals than 2st half goals, so this can be an profitable bet, if you find the right teams. This tool will help you find those teams !!

1st & 2nd Half Goal difference

One of the things the stats show you is the differential between 1st half and 2nd half goals scored (2-1). The bigger the difference, the more likely that this team is a strong candidate for highest scoring half betting.