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Form Guide & Goals Stats
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Form Guide and Goals Stats

Form guide and goal stats provides you with important goal information.
As you scroll over a scoreline, you can see the Opponent, Match date, Scoreline as well as goals.
The scroll popup shows you the 1st half and 2nd half goal numbers.

Home Form

must be analysed seperately from Away Form. Teams set up differently and play differently.
The expectations of their fans puts different kinds of pressure on them. As a result, results are really different.

At soccer-betbrain I like to seperate the Home and Away form (there is also a combined form tool).

1st Half NIL NIL

Games have a much stronger chance of going under 2.5 and 3.5 goals when 1st half goal scoring is low. Early goals normally open games up and lead to higher goals per game numbers. So 1st half NIL-NIL scorelines are a good indicator of low scoring teams.

In 2015-2016 Man United had 9 NIL-NIL 1st half games in their last 16 games. This was a high stat in the English Premier league. They had 5 scoreless second halves as well (in last 16 games), and led the league with 14 1st or 2nd half NIL-NIL games.
It is no coincidence that they had very low over 2.5 goal numbers, and had very high NO to both teams to score stats.

How much form is relevant ?

If you analyse form that is not recent, it is very easy to get the wrong picture of how a team is doing. 4 Home games is a pretty good number for short term form indicators. If you look at 15 games, you should get a clearer idea of how a team sets up and plays.

Early Season Form

The early season is a betting minefield. Teams change managers and adopt a different strategy and playing style. My advice is to ;

Stay away from teams that have had managerial changes at the end of last season.
Bet with caution at the beginning of the season. Look at teams that are relatively stable, and that finished the season well.

So two strong betting prospects are Southampton and Swansea. They are stable, and finsihed the season with excellent momentum

Teams without a history will include Man City, Man United, Everton. It could be a complete mixed bag betting on those three teams, early next season. These teams should be treated with caution, as they are likely to be unpredictable early in the season.

This tool lets you look at form for all the different leagues.
Search by league, season, and order your results as you like.
Rolling over a scoreline also pops up the game detail.
It also gives you an easy comparison tool for how teams are doing, throughout the European leagues.

Choose X number of games, and then order the results as you like.

By scrolling over a result you can also view additional match information.
What was the score, half time score. Was the result expected ?
With this form guide I hope to show you more than the basic FORM.
I want to give you an opportunity to gauge the quality of the opponent and win, draw or loss.