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Away Average Match Odds


What is an average AWAY winning price ?

The bookmakers give a price for the Home Win, Draw and Away Win before a game. The average Away price is the average price for a teams away wins. So, if they won 6 times AWAY, the pre-match odds for those 6 games are added together and divided by 6, to get an average.

Understand that AWAY WINS are hard bets to win. Teams don't win away as much as they win at home.

It does not mean you can't win. But with betting on away wins, the risk is higher.
To make money you need find those teams that are winning games, at higher odds. But these stats could be slightly misleading. If a team pulls off one or two surprise results, the numbers get bloated.

Ideally, you want to find teams that consistently perform at their average odds level. ie. How consistent is a team at different odds levels ?

You need to find the surprise teams that are doing very well (exceeding expectations, and bookmakers price), and the teams that are underperforming at low prices.

Find the teams exceeding expectations early !

It also helps to avoid those teams that are underperforming and losing you money.
Underperforming is losing or drawing when they are expected to win.

Which teams are the bookmakers underpricing ?
Which teams are the exceeding expectations ?
Which teams are overpriced betting landmines ?

Which teams deliver consistent results at certain odds levels ?

This tool also lets you select stats using the last X number of games.
Results longer than 5 games ago have lesser relevance. So for short term form, you need to look short term ! Not more than 4 or 5 home or away games.

These stats given you hidden gems, but you have to read between the lines.

In Spain Laliga both Real Madrid and Barcleona were outperformed by Athletico

At odds of even money or less, Real won 11 of 17 away games at an average price of .43 or 4.3 to 10 . Barcelona had the same number of wins at an average of .23 or 2.3 to 10.

Athletico won 9 of 13 games (at odds of 1.0 or better), with a win rate of 69%, and average odds of 7 to 10 or .7

Athletico would have returned 3 times more than Barcelona , for a 17% return on investment.