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1st and 2nd Half Goal Stats FREE for ('Spain LaLiga','Turkey Supa','Portugal Primeira')

1st Half Stats | 2nd half Stats | FT stats

One of the bets the bookmakers offer is a bet on the first half, or second half result.
A team has half the time to win a game, so the odds on offer are always better than those offered on the full time result.

Two 45 minute games

Teams have different ways of doing things. The top teams need to boss the game, and make the play.
The weaker teams defend, and try and counter attack. When two evenly matched teams play each other
the game tends to be more open. In each situation, teams show distinct playing patterns.
Some come out firing (Dortmund under Klopp, and Ath Madrid). Others are slower out of the blocks but very good in the 2nd half.

You need to know your teams and stats, and the style/manner in which they play.

The stats here will help you identify the best candidates for your 1st and 2nd half betting.

1st Half draws

Most games have more 2nd half goals than first half goals.
First halves are a little conservative. Nobody wants to concede the 1st goal and be chasing
the game. SO if you want to bet the (LINKTO draws) draw on a half of football, it makes sense to be betting
on first half draws (fewer goals, more conservative), than 2nd half.

You need to find teams that have low goals per game averages(GPG). The best candidates
are low scoring, strong defensive teams, that keep clean sheets.

Find home teams that show these characteristics, and do similar for away teams.

Find the best Candidates

Everyone knows that Bayern are dominant. So are Porto. But the odds for your bet are lousy.
You need to find the hidden gems that the bookmakers have slighly miss-priced.

Perfect example are Hearts, with 6 first half wins in 7 home games (beginning of 2015-2016 season). They scored 7 1st half goals and conceded none. Beautiful !

Teams fall into five categories when it comes to analysing these stats.
  • Strong Fast Starters
  • Slow starters
  • Excellent 2nd half teams
  • Poor 2nd half teams
  • Consistent teams in both halves

Fast Starters

Some teams, and coaches (ie. Jurgen Klopp) like to start fast. Klopp did it at Dortmund and he will do it at Liverpool as well. Expect them to be an excellent 1st half team next season. Liverpool's record in home games (last 7) is very similar for 1st half and 2nd half.

1st Half W5 D1 L1 for 9 against 2
2nd Half W5 D1 L1 for 8 against 3

Slow Starters

Stoke, in the EPL are a terrible 1st half team at home. In their last 7 1st half games, they managed to win just 1 45 minute game. They also scored just 1 goal, which is awful. If Mark Hughes wants to improve this team, simply getting them to start games quicker would definitely be a huge asset. They are just not in the game for the 1st 45 minutes.

Excellent 2nd half teams

There was no better 2nd half home team than Tottenham, in the last 8 home games played. They won 6 games, scoring 12 times and conceding just 3 goals. They had the best 2nd half goal differential, best defensive record, and most number of wins. At home they will continue to be an excellent 2nd HALF WIN BET !

Poor 2nd half teams

Games played normally have more second half goals than 1st half goals. Players get tired, and space opens up. A 60th minute subsitute with fresh legs has an extra yard of pace.

Defensive teams also get tired from chasing the ball. West Brom are a perfect example of this. Their seond half goal production at home was terrible in their last 7 games of 2015/2016. They scored just 2 second half goals in 7 periods. This was the worst goal return for any team in the EPL in the last 7 home games. This should exclude this team from 'HIGHEST SCORING HALF - 2nd" betting. They just don't score enough goals for you to win this bet.

Consistent Teams in each Half

Chelsea had this record in last 7 at home in 2015/2016 ;

1st Half W2 D3 L2 for 5 against 4
2nd Half W2 D3 L2 for 7 against 7

They were very consistent, if unspectacular. Do your analysis and group your betting candidates accordingly. If you are using stats as a basis for your betting you need to identify the best candidates for your bets. The best candidates
are going to be the very BEST and WORST teams in each stats category.

Forget the average teams, they will cost you money. You want to be betting on the stats leaders !

This tool will show you the best candidates for your bets !