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  2014-07-25         Time 19:30:00      
Standard Charleroi
  2014-07-26         Time       
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The GOAL for 2014 is to deliver our
BEST FOOTBALL picks ever !

I plan to this using the following sources for picks...

1.) Joining with
That 2.5 tips site was a specialist over/under 2.5 goals picks site.
The software has been revamped and redone. The latest software has been running from 2014-03-17 onwards. This software generates over/under 2.5 goal picks by evaluating previous statistical information.   view predictions history here ...

2.) Soccer-betbrain has fantastic betting tools. For the 2013 season, there were about 45, 4 STAR predictions. These predictions were based on soccer-betbrain's analytical tools. These predictions had a win rate of about 67%, and generated a 17% ROI which was excellent. I will do similar this season. Rock solid predictions based on top notch stats and probability.

I call that combination the 'ADVANTAGE ZONE'. It's that combination of great odds, a discount from the implied bookmakers odds, backed by very strong statisical probablity.   view my 2013 4 Star Picks (at new page click on 4 star picks)

My BTTS and over/under 2.5 goal software works on 'criteria-sets'. If a criteria set is completely satisfied, and over/under or BTTS prediction is generated. Sometimes a set, or multiple sets are partially satisfied. When this occurs these predictions will also be published , but with lower STAR rating, than the very best tips.

Every tip will have a star rating from 1 to 6. A 1 STAR tip may satisfy many criteria sets, but have very poor odds. A 6 STAR tip, will be the best available. Rock solid probabilty, multiple criteria sets satisfied, and excellent ODDS from the bookmakers.

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