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League Tables

This free tool, lets you view league tables. Just choose the season (ie. 2016), and the league (English Premier, Bundesliga etc) you require. Choose 1 league for that leagues table, or choose multiple leagues.

You can also select Half Time (HT) or Full Time (FT) Stats, as well as HOME or AWAY Tables. In addition, you can choose how many games you wish to see stats for.


How well did teams do in a particluar league at certain starting odds ? You can view these stats by selecting starting home match odds. Lets try the Premier league for home odds of less than 4 to 10 or 1.4

Man City won 10 of 12 games, Tottenham 8 of 8. Man United would have emptied your wallet winning just 3 of 9 games at odds of 1.4 or lower.