The 3 biggest betting mistakes you can make

To many legs in a bet – Mistake #1

Every time you add another team to a multiple, you increase the risk. Every one has been there. You get 8 of 9 legs in and the last leg red-hot favorite blows it. It happens all the time. Soccer is a strange game. A team dominates for 90 minutes, has 24 shots on goal and the score is 0-0. This does not happen in rugby. In that game, dominance equates to points !

SO avoid too many teams in a huge accumulator. Ah, I am getting 120 to 1, I’ll put on $5 I hear you say. All those little $2, 3$ 5$ bets add up, and before you know it, your bankroll has evaporated. Like a little mouse eating away, day after day.

In early season, this is not an optimal strategy. You know very little (NOW) about the teams you are betting on. However, by November patterns of consistency start showing up. The multiple starts to make more sense as the season develops. But again, my advice is keep to a maximum of 4 teams in a bet.

At the beginning of the season, I’m betting singles. Smaller gains, but smaller risk as well. Protect your bankroll !!!

Don’t fall in love with a team – Mistake #2

We have all heard it. XHS!AZ is a definite banker this week. You load up, getting decent odds but including that team in 4 or 5 bets. Of course, the wheels come off and the bookmakers are smiling !
So just don’t do it.

There are two solutions here;

a) Spread your risk over more teams
b) Don’t repeat teams in different bets

When you find yourself OVER BACKING 1 team STOP! STOP! STOP!

Don’t chase on Sunday – Mistake #3

Again we all do it. You have a so-so start to the weeks betting, and by Sunday are a little behind, looking for action. Hmmmm, let me up the stakes and finish off a winner !

SO based on emotion (which is a logic killer) you start plonking down huge bets to try and recover an earlier loss. You guessed it, the BOOKMAKERS are LAUGHING as they load up your money !

DO your homework early in the week. Find the bets you like and spread your risk. Keep emotion in it;’s place, and hold your discipline !